Experts predict that the increasing affordability of luxury goods in China will result in sales of 74 billion euros (108 Billion CAD) by 2020.

Are you looking to penetrate the largest market in the world? For the uninitiated, doing business with China can be a daunting task, fraught with danger. Many companies have tried, and failed, at getting their products on the shelves and in front of paying customers.

Export Management
Lalami World is in a unique position to help you market your products abroad, especially in China. Lalami World serves as a facilitator between your company and the different local distribution channels, to position your product and make it appealing to the end user.

When you sign on with us, we take on all of the logistical, administrative, sales, marketing and supply chain management activities, including regional and international trade shows.

Sales and Distribution
Using our network of Asian distributors, we’ll use a combination of e-commerce and direct distribution to stimulate your sales, and we’ll feature your products online in our Canadian Mall and in our catalog.

By using e-commerce, we manage to overcome all of the main obstacles you’ll encounter when selling to China: a 50 % import tax on health product or skin-care products, the requirement for product certification in China and the need to invest millions to promote your brand locally.

In 2012, China’s e-commerce sales exceeded 8 trillion Yuan (1.7 trillion CAD). A quarter of those sales were from the sale of foreign products. Annual growth is expected to remain or exceed 30% over the next years.



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