Lalami World is an export management agency that provides high-end Canadian and European products to the Asian market.

From our warehouse located in Hong Kong, products are sold through best Chinese plateforms like Tmall, Taobao, JD and then directly shipped to customers from all over China. Before that, we provided all regulation documents needed to proper authorities and plateform partners to open online shops. We also provide marketing solutions because even if foreign brands are powerfull in their own countries, Chinese consumers don’t buy products/brands they don’t know. That is the key for a massive growth.

From the Very Best
With thousands of products out there, what guarantee do you have that these products will sell? That’s where Lalami World comes into play. We separate the best from the rest.

We only source and select the very best manufacturers out there, the ones that were there before anyone else was taking quality seriously. Their products have defined the category and matured into an impressive array of superior products that compare favourably with any product currently on the Asian market.


M. Ma (founder of Alibaba Group) and Prime Minister of Canada M. Justin Trudeau looking at Delon products, a success from the Lalami World Catalog.

You can visit Tmall Delon flagstore or JD Delon flagstore.


The Virtue of Canadian Products
We represent over 25 of the top health and wellness brands in Canada, which are featured in our exclusive Canadian Store. We offer a great selection of maternity and baby care products, cosmetics and skin-care, organic, all-natural and health products for interested distributors.

Experience the authenticity and virtue of Canadian products, 100% made from local trademark ingredients, like pine, maple syrup and cranberry. All Canadian natural health products are licensed by Health Canada and undergo a rigorous certification process to obtain a NPN number.

Europe’s Finest
Lalami World also represents some of Europe’s top Cosmetics, health and wellness brands. European law ensures that ingredients are all natural and locally sourced, and of the highest quality. You can find our selection of products for distribution in our European Catalog.

Are you a manufacturer?

Lalami World is always seeking to expand its range of exceptional manufacturers. If you are looking to expand your sales and penetrate the largest market in the world, we can help. Thanks to our affiliation with an important player in e-commerce in China, Lalami Group, we have a turnkey solution to market and sell their products to the Asian market.

We are able to sell your products on Main Chinese E-commerce platforms as:

– JD

– Tmall

– Taobao

– Alibaba

– Xiji

– Etc.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to open your brand to the biggest market on the planet.

Make business with Lalami.


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