Lalami World connects global buyers and manufacturers. We promote the brands of our partners by using best implantation methods.
Our Mission

Our mission is to represent North American and European manufacturers who are looking to expand or grow their market in Asia and match them with distributors and customers looking for quality and wellness products.

Our Method
We facilitate this process by handling all marketing, sales, administrative and logistical aspects of the transaction for our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the principals of each brand we represent to develop the right angle and product mix. We then ensure that their brands are marketed on e-commerce platforms and represented at regional and international trade shows.

What Lalami World Stands For
• Experience: More than ten years of international trading, business management and supply chain management experience.

• Trust: A group of talented, efficient and adaptive associates who have developed long-term relationships and friendships with the buyers in our markets.

• Synergy: Working with all distributors, producers and manufacturers to maximize efficiencies and profit opportunities.

• Investment: We personally invest time and money in each one of our clients to understand their products and their needs, and can provide consulting services to assist them as needed.

Our History
Lalami World is a division of Lalami Consultants International Ltd. It is the first Canadian export management agency to focus on cross border e-commerce with Asia. We have grown from 10 brands to almost forty in the last year and have just opened the first Canadian Store.


From left to right (Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Montréal – May 12th 2016): Philippe Hu (Lalami World), Marc Couroux (Grennbeaver), Jack Bartczak (Nutripur), Christian Larose (Bio-K +), Denis David (Lalami World), Alain Ménard (Greenbeaver), Louis Dorion (Segment Marketing), Jean-Michel Jalleo (Fruit d’Or), Frédéric Boucher (Land Art), Benoit Fortin (Léo Désilets), Louis-Philip Vermeersch (Wampole), Jean-François Pelletier (Lalami World), Frédérick Michaud (Genacol)

Lalami World is the authorized supply chain agent for the Lalami Group, one of China’s biggest e-commerce companies selling health, beauty and skin-care products. The company is located in Guangzhou, China and has over 500 full-time employees. It also operates 6 flagship stores on global Tmall, JD.com, VIP.com, and Jumei.com. Lalami Group realized record sales of 1 million CNY at VIP.com in a single day!

With China’s e-commerce sales expected to surpass 1.1 trillion CAD in 2016 and to grow by 30% year in year out, Lalami World’s growth and that of our clients seems well assured.

3 Reasons to Do Business with Lalami World
  1. Canadian and European products have the highest standards of quality in the world. All Canadian health products must comply with the stringent requirements of Health Canada.
  2. All of our products are created using local ingredients to comply with government regulations.
  3. Lalami World only selects manufacturers that are pioneers and market leaders with a proven track record.

Have a Question?
You want to know more about Lalami World, our manufacturers or our distributors? Please visit the Contact Us page.

May 12th 2015: Lalami World and Lalami Group meet the Ambassador of Canada to the People’s Republic of China


From left to right: Jean-François Pelletier (CEO Lalami World), Guy Saint-Jacques (Ambassador), Tiantian Lee (CEO Lalami Group), Philippe Hu and Pierre Eloy (Consultant)


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