Lalami World distributes in Asia over 35 premium brands.

Lalami World is an export management agency that provides high-end Canadian and European manufacturers the opportunity to sell their products in the Asian market. We handle and streamline their logistical, administrative, sales, marketing and supply chain management activities. In return, we can offer our distributors exclusive or sole distribution rights for their territory, and trademark ownership.

This year, Lalami World has launched the first Canadian Store, where you can view many of our brands and products online.


Lalami World was proud to organize the first Montreal visit on May 12th, here speaker Miss Sarah Lu, Merchandising Manager of Vipshop Holding Ltd., from Guangzhou, China (listed on NEW-YORK STOCK EXCHANGE NYSE/vips)


3 Reasons to Do Business with Lalami World
  1. Canadian and European products have the highest standards of quality in the world. All Canadian health products must comply with the stringent requirements of Health Canada.
  2. All of our products are created using local ingredients to comply with government regulations.
  3. Lalami World only selects manufacturers that are pioneers and market leaders with a proven track record.



Are you a manufacturer?

Lalami World is always seeking to expand its range of exceptional manufacturers. If you are looking to expand your sales and penetrate the largest market in the world, we can help. Thanks to our affiliation with an important player in e-commerce in China, Lalami Group, we have a turnkey solution to market and sell their products to the Asian market.



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